Online Casino Champions

You know these names if you are a fan of casino games online betting malaysia. They are the great champions of poker and other gambling, they participate in international tournaments and win millions of dollars. But who are they really and how did they get there? Small retrospective of the big names in e.gaming,

Competition in all forms

Jennifer Shahade, poker champion, was before a great chess player and also blackjack or casino roulette. It is the first, and still the only one to date, to have won the US Junior Open and many other international titles. Jennifer, in addition to being gifted at games and a graduate in literature and also works as a journalist. With all her occupations, she still finds time for PokerStars and continues to win prizes.

At the stove or at your cards

Martin Jacobson! Here is one who has imagination. Before winning the title at the WSOP 2014, Martin’s plan B was … cooking. He studied indeed for several years in a culinary school, and therefore, his final project was to become a chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona and continue to play hobby poker as well as an online casino. Well, finally, the hobby became full time!

Money first?

A brilliant student of law and, at the same time, a management consultant, these are the main lines of Vanessa Selbst’s incredible CV. But all these beautiful titles did not make the weight when Vanessa discovered poker and the world of online casinos and other gambling. But recently, in an interview, Vanessa explained that she had realized that she would win much more money in poker than by sitting at the desk. She also clarified that despite this, she resumed her law studies.

Player one day, player always

Kara Scott is known in the world of poker and casino games. But who really knows what it was before? Kara was a specialist in Muai Thai and began her career as a program presenter. Another fact not to be overlooked, Kara Scott has also had a career in backgammon, as a presenter of a show (High skates backgammon) and also as a player but also as a blackjack player in online casinos.

From van to Ferrari

Here is an incredible story: Sam Trickett, a young Englishman, was a few years ago employed by a domestic gas company and went from house to house in his van to install access to gas. Today, Sam drives luxury cars and is a recognized poker but also blackjack and French casino roulette champion.